Practical Proverbs

with Study Guide

Practical Proverbs with Study Guide

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Every word I write today has been planted in my heart and mind over a lifetime by people with more wisdom and understanding than mere words can begin to describe. These "seeds" have continued to be nourished with daily care and attention. Now these words are beginning to open up and blossom.

Thank you to my dad for pushing me to go beyond the ordinary and expected. Thank you to my mom for showing me how to break glass ceilings. Thank you to my husband for always loving me beyond anything I could imagine. Thank you to my children for reminding me that I have to be willing to keep growing, to let go and to expect the unexpected. Thank you to Mrs. Baker for planting the seed to become a writer. Thank you to Smokey for believing that my words were for more than a notebook. Thank you to all of the teachers, friends, and temporary angels that have passed through my life and provided the motivation, inspiration and information that has allowed me to continue looking for the peace and hope that lies in the rainbows.

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