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Chatline: Fall in Love with @n Angel. She is now ‘Live’ online.

Jane D Evans

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Jane D Evans

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone or anything today, ever-before or ever after is purely coincidental or is an imagination by the author.


Angel and kangaroo are our universe’s coolest relatives.

Yup! You heard me right. Angel is a great granddaughter of the Greek word angelos, meaning messenger, and cousinly joined to her sister or brother angaros, meaning mounted courier. Australians! Hmm, nice natural FedEx guys you have there. Wowa! Hey wait, before you come to any Animal Planet thought on this story. No way! The Angel who got connected to me was far far away from what a kangaroo looks like. But she did have some things in common with the hopper. That something, I will tell you soon, but before my dazzling muse’s intro let me give you some tit bits about me first.

I am Peter. Peter Hopkins. I am twenty one years old, with green eyes, weigh about fifty to seventy(yup ‘that’ oscillates depending on how many birthdays of buddies appear on my calendar month), may be touch a five nine on my sports trainers vertical scale, and am a very very very busy person.

What do I do? Keep hopping. Hey c’mon that’s in my family. Hopkins – my family name, coming along through generations and genes. ‘Kins who hop’. Okay fine. Bad one liner. I apologize and guarantee that you wont find a single joke of that kind in this story again.

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