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Dancing with the Devil

The Firstborn: Volume Two

By: L.M. Wood

Copyright © 2011 by L.M. Wood

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Titles by L.M. Wood

Of Angels and other Divinities

The Firstborn Series:

Volume One: Michael, Beloved of God (Prince of Heaven)

Volume Two: Dancing with the Devil

Of Romance and Magic and Forever

Awakening Series:

Volume One: The Awakening

Volume Two: Choose


Yoga Behind the Veil: A Journey of Self Discovery


“Before. I was.”

It was somehow oddly disturbing the way the two brothers started their stories with exactly the same word. “Before.” But Michael followed his opening with the words ‘We were,” whereas his brother used the singular, “I was.” The distinction told a story all its own. Even as I tried to convince myself to wait until morning to continue reading, I was already glancing back down at the pages in my lap. His words probably weren’t the last thing I wanted to take in before I went to sleep, but it was too late. I was already hooked.

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