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The Tears I’ve Cried: A Personal Memoir

By Makaila Renee

Published by Kaila’s Playhouse

Copyright 2012 Makaila Renee

Smashwords Edition

Slow down, you’re driving too fast,” I told him. “You look just like your mom,” Mr. Mike stated, salivating as he looked down at me. “I know,” I stated flatly. Not really wanting to talk, I stared out of the window at the night sky as we pulled up to a red light. “Take your sweater off its soaking wet,” Mr. Mike hastily instructed. “I’m fine mister, my house is only a few more blocks away,” I said. “You’re ruining my leather seats,” he pointed out. I took off my wet sweater then continued staring out of the window. Engrossed, I was oblivious to Mr. Mike who unbuckled his seatbelt and started toying with his penis while he eyed my mosquito bite chest.

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THE TEARS I’VE CRIED: A Personal Memoir

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