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Strict Machine

Written by Justus Roux

Copyright © 2012 Justus Roux

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved

This is a work fiction any resemblance to anyone living or dead is coincidence

Chapter One

The bars of the cage were cool to the touch. The cement floor in which the cage was bolted onto was hard and unwelcoming. The air reeked of urine, sweat and sex. And what was worse there was no light in this room most of the time, though at times this was welcoming, the light only served to illuminate this dank place. This was Salome’s reality for the last four months. Her truth, her hell, it threatened to rob her of her mind, her very soul. Her only crime that damned her to this place was that she chose to love the wrong man.

At times she could hear soft weeping. This saddened her, knowing that other women shared her fate.

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