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by Kenny Roberts

Copyright 2012 Coyotes Publishing

Smashwords Edition

One Day Away

So we're one day away from the end of the world.

Many say it'll happen, even more say it won't.
I personally hope it does.
As time continues more and more bad things happen.
I gain more fears.
I begin to shake more.
At times I find it hard enough for me to do simple tasks.
I don't see my life getting any better.
I hope it does end.
I'm ready for things to come to a complete stop.
Nothing has worked out for me in life.

Kenny Roberts

Nothing Working Out

So over my existance I have found to have failed at everything I tried.
My own publishing company – failed
relationships – failed
friendships – many failed
Here I sit, what feels like a broken man.
What feels like a pathetic man

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