Love and Death


Tracy Koehler

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Copyright 2010 Tracy Koehler

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Detective John Murphy's cellphone rang while he was sitting in sluggish downtown traffic, inching through rush hour toward home and his pregnant wife, Jill.

Rain pellets were slapping the windshield.

He answered what was sure to be the strangest phone call of his life. He didn't recognize the number, so he answered, "Detective John Murphy."

"I know that--that's why I called you. Ha! Well anyway, after what--oh, I dunno, who can keep track...eighty-some murders? I'm going to kill my last victim after I hang up this phone. The address is four-twenty-four Westchester Lane. Do you have the address?"


"You changed your mind and made a rhyme--friggin' awesome! Ha! But the real punchline before the line goes dead..."

Silence. Holy shit! His mind was racing. He blurted out, "What is it?!"

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