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Why the World Needs Saving?

Step 1: Become a Vegetarian

Step 2: Become a Minimalist

Step 3: Spread the Word


About the Author


I am like you. I heard about global warming and I thought, 'well the world is always having a crisis', and I turned around and went about my day, week, month, year and life as usual. The world has always needed saving and every time someone saves the world. (I don't know who, maybe superman.) So why should I bother now, I thought. That "someone" who is always saving the world will do it again.

But as I went about living my life I started realising that it's not just global warming that's threatening the world; it's us. We are a bigger threat to our world and our own existence than global warming. In fact global warming might actually save the world by killing all of us! I sat back and thought, 'if I was an alien, what would I say was the biggest problem facing planet earth right now?' And the answer is, 'humans'. We are, knowingly and unknowingly, destroying the very same planet that gave birth to us.

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