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Asteroid Outpost

A Mystery

I’ve never seen her before. What’s she doing here? She was never processed through the court.”

Spencer took his arm and literally tried to pull him away.

Get out of here, David! Get the fuck out of here right now!”

Tarpington took a step back, his eyes still glued to the woman. Who was she? Why was she here? Who had authorized…this?

He heard a footstep behind him, the solid click of hard leather on the starcrete floor.

Oh, Christ!” Spencer gasped.

Tarpington turned. He clearly recognized the third man, and opened his mouth to speak.

You should listen to your lover boy, faggot!” the other man said.

Tarpington didn’t see the sap until it crashed into his skull. Pain flashed through his head and then he was falling. Everything was black before he hit the floor.

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Asteroid Outpost

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