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Compassionate Use of Wealth and Possession

Using Our Money For God’s Glory

Lola Richey

Smashwords Edition

Compassionate Use of Wealth and Possession

By Lola Richey

Published by Lola Richey at Smashwords

Copyright December 2012 Lola Richey

Most people in the world crave financial security and wealth. Yet, Jesus Christ was born poor and lived poor. His remark at Matthew 8:20 may even suggest that He was homeless. He was born into the world among “the least of these” (Matthew 25:31-46). Moreover, His earthly parents, Joseph and Mary, were not wealthy. When arriving to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary had no place to stay. Amazingly, Jesus became poor to bring God’s salvation and peace unto all people, worldwide (2 Corinthians 8:9). Jesus encouraged people to trust in God and never their wealth and possessions for security (Matthew 6:19–34). With Jesus Christ’s teaching in mind, how should people manage their wealth and possessions as they care for their families, their retirement futures and other community needs? Let us consider a hypothetical couple called Peter and Karen Anderson as they weigh Jesus Christ’s teaching, their family responsibilities and using their wealth for God’s glory.

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