“That reminds me,” Cameron said when she stopped for a moment. “Why were you so sure that there weren’t any other White Magi? Your parents must have thought that too.”

“The archives include the family trees of all Magi. After what they refer to as ‘the burning years’ - the times of the Witch Trials - there weren’t many Magi left. I’ll have to show you that part of the archive sometime soon too. That’s when your little group was lost to us. There were records for Josiah Palmer and the others that I’ve been able to track down. They were known as the lost ones when none returned to re-connect with the rest of the Magi after the danger had passed. Since only the Magi Masters would have known what to do, losing yours explains why that happened.”

“We had no idea, and there is definitely nothing in our histories, unless that would be part of the books that we haven’t been able to translate.”

“That’s possible, but more likely, it was never information that was written down at all,” Brianna suggested. “It would have been dangerous to put that kind of knowledge to paper back then. Anyway, the bottom line is that there were only a few White Magi families who did survive, and for whatever reason, those numbers continued to decline over the past few centuries. My grandmother on my mother’s side, and both of my father’s parents were among the last, and by the time I was born, they were all gone.”

“Wouldn’t they still have been fairly young then?” Cameron asked, and Brianna nodded.

“They were, but our family has had more than it’s share of accidents and misfortune. Along with losing my grandparents, my father had three cousins who didn’t live to adulthood and a younger sister who died in the same accident with their parents. The story is similar on my mother’s side of the family.”

Cameron took a drink of his wine and considered carefully before asking the next question. “Have you thought about the possibility that some or all of them weren’t accidents? Statistically, the odds of having that happen to one family, without it being one incident or accident, must pretty long.”

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