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Human Trafficking: The Need for Awareness and Reform

Human trafficking is not unique to the third world. According to the The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 2.8 million children who run away each year, over a third of them are recruited into the underground sex trade within 48 hours. The figures concerning this issue are at first unbelievable. It is deeply disturbing to meditate upon them for any length of time. It is even more disturbing to think of how few legal resources are being utilized to end such a blatant violation of human rights; it is shocking, even infuriating, to think of how little attention is paid to sex trafficking by the increasingly inane news networks or by jurists and legislators who have refused to alter existing laws in order to make the system less hospitable to these criminals.

Child pornography is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Reports of exploited children have increased every year. the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children received more than 120,000 reports on its cyber tip line. In 2010, the number grew to over 160,000. Child pornography is among the fastest growing crimes in the United States. There has been a 2500% increase in arrests (this has happened in spite of the thriving deficit, arguably the only successful bipartisan endeavor in the history of the United States). That, of course, does not account for how many crimes have gone undetected and unpunished. Many undoubtedly go unpunished. Child molesters commonly victimize hundreds of children over the course of their lives without being caught or suffering any major legal repercussions, largely thanks to an overextended police force and a severely congested legal system.

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