You think this little book is fantasy.

Think again....

You are still lying there on the couch as you read this, aren't you? Nothing has changed yet. Do you know why?

You are convinced that your situation is hopeless. You believe that there is no way out. Perhaps you are one of the thousands of unfortunate people who have been unemployed for several years now. Maybe you have lost your home to a foreclosure. Whatever your situation, nothing is going to change until you take action....the ONLY action that will produce abundance in your life.

Your first move off that couch is to change your thinking. A massive overhaul of your mind is in order. Your entire future is seeded with what is grown out of your thoughts. Think and talk like a pauper and that is what you will continue to be. Think and talk like a rich man and you will become one. You will become what you think and speak. Sounds too simple?

This book is based on Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” If you continue to wallow in your pitiful situation, that is where you will remain. Your vision of yourself is hopeless without an escape route. You think how deplorable your life is. You speak negativity. You appear lowdown to others. Dark thoughts infest your mind. These thoughts are born from your heart and manifest in your thinking. You have become your thoughts. The cycle repeats as the days pass and you find yourself stuck on a couch of hopelessness.

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