Chapter 8: Nathaniel Reed

Chapter 9: Marion Hedgepeth, the Debonair Killer

Chapter 10: Big Nose George Parrott

(Author’s note: By selecting the 10 worst Wild West outlaws, we were not looking for fame but more for downright dirty tactics and habits. Our collection may amaze and startle the reader.

Chapter 1

The Rufus Buck Gang

Rufus Buck Gang. Rufus Buck is in the center.

No outlaw gang every terrorized an area like the Rufus Buck gang.

Their two-week spree of robbery, rape and murder sent fear throughout the Indian Territory that would one day become the state of Oklahoma.

Rufus Buck was not a Robin Hood. The young Yuchi (non-Muskhogean Creek) fullblood was vicious and possessed a depravity that was rare in Indian outlaws.

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