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Call Me


Alain Bezançon

Published by Alain Bezançon at Smashwords

Translated from French by Sean Williams

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Copyright © 2010, Alain Bezançon.

ISBN 978-2-9811549-7-2

Original title « Call Me »

Copyright © 2010, Alain Bezançon.

ISBN 978-2-9811549-6-5

Cover: Photo and design by Arnaud Bezançon

Chapter 1

Milos weakly raised his eyelids for the trouble of re-establishing his spatio-temporal bearings.

The space around him, vaguely resembling the departure hall of an airport, resounded with the impersonal silence of strangers in transit to somewhere else. The hushed roar of the huge aircrafts’ ballet was punctuated by the suavely polyglot announcements of the service personnel, as they were affectionately described by the flying elite.

“All airports resemble each other,” he thought while searching for the visual bearings to help him discover in which one he found himself. A look outside gave him the answer.

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