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    I was thinking I needed to dedicate this to more than one group, or maybe to the two Battalions of Wolfhounds. But there were so many valorous units that paid such a price. And then I considered maybe more than one man, but I wouldn’t know where to stop. So many gave so much! I have decided to dedicate these stories to my best friend of my life, Charlie Crowe. Charlie died in Vietnam July 16, 1966 and I think of him every day. I’ll let this dedication to him stand for all the 58,000 plus soldiers that gave all they had so long ago.

    I was 50 yards from Charlie when he got hurt and then he died three days later. I never got to say good bye to Charlie until 16 years later when I stood beside his grave in the hills of Tennessee and I cried. How he loved those old rolling hills and his farm.

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