A poignant love story peopled with memorable ande realistic characters!”

Christine Michels, bestselling author of BENEATH A CRIMSON MOON



Together they herded the calf, arms spread, until they got him into the corral. Matt steered Courtney into the barn and after a brief hesitation, the calf's mother found her way into the corral and the calf immediately began to nurse.

"I guess it's a good sign that he's hungry," Courtney said. She was aware of Matt standing right behind her. A single step back and she could lean against his broad chest. Even now she could feel his breath whispering across the back of her neck where she had gathered her hair in a ribbon. She looked back over her shoulder, turning just slightly, enough to see him. He was looking down, intently studying the dark tail of her hair. And then he reached out a hand, touching her hair carefully with the tips of the two middle fingers. Slowly he spread his hand and pushed it through the wavy strands, letting the tresses sift between his fingers.

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