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Is your name Anique?


But youre not her, are you.


His friend was going to be killed that nightcould already be deadand Simon was still keeping up the pretense that he didnt know him.

Simon Johns first met Casper Benton after Casper plagiarized him. The Bentons were flamboyant socialites, descendants of a gold rush landowner, so Simon recognized Caspers family name when it appeared in the local paper on an article that Simon had written. The article read identical to its counterpart in Simons university political science review except for a clumsily reworded sentence here and there. Despite being conversant in local gossip Simon wasnt acquainted with Casper. He thought he remembered rumors of a somewhat reclusive middle brotheror maybe it was a young unclebut was unaware, along with most of the city, that Casper was the primary heir to the Bentonsmassive fortune.

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