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The Boon:

Thoughts of a Schizophrenic

in Remission

By Eugene Uttley

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Eugene Uttley


These days, as I have meetings of the mind with family and friends and people online, I fairly often share a little bit about what God has come to mean to me. (Pause for effect...) Do I intuit a stifled groan? Like politics, divinity is commonly held to be either the conversational equivalent of one's undergarments or a tired old horse of a subject to beat on, or, alternately, a somewhat perilous topic to pursue. Some folks like to think that they've got the holy ins and outs just about right, and might not want to hear anything that diverges from or goes contrary to their beliefs. What’s more, many people feel that spreading the word about how it all works is a great good deed, if not a duty. So it’s likely they’re more interested in converting you to their way of thinking than they are in hearing yours. Makes for some conflict. Thus the peril.

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