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Beyond Control

Danielle Smiler

Copyrighted by Danielle Smiler

Published by Smashwords

Chapter 1. Moving into a new world. 

New houses, new neighbours and no friends. Wow, definitely not a good start for a girl who just lost her memories. Everything around her was so new and strange. The last thing she could remember before waking up in the hospital was a scream. An agony scream. When she woke up, it was a whole new world to her. She could not remember anything about her and her family. All the doctor could told her was that she was involved in a major car accident but luckily she survived. On the second day, a strange woman came to visit her and told her that she was her mum. From that day onwards, she lived with that woman. What school she was from? Where did she lived before the accident? How did the accident took place? No one could answer her questions and the only thing they told her was her name. Miley Ray Cyrus. 

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