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 "Miley, you will be attending Greta High School from now on. Your class is just at the end of the corridor." Principle Beth said. " Thank you for letting Miley join the class in the midterm." Miley's mum said. " It's time for lesson. Miley do you need me to accompany you to the class?" Principle Beth asked. "No, I think I can manage it myself. Thanks." Miley said and left the principal's office. 

 How bad could this be? Miley took a deep breath and opened the classroom door. " Woo.." Everyone stared at Miley once she entered the classroom. " You must be Miley Cyrus, the new girl in town?" A middle aged teacher asked. "Ya, Madam" Miley replied. " I am Mrs Ogres. You can take the empty seat." Mrs Ogres said and pointed at the middle of the class. Seriously? why in the middle of the class? Miley  just got annoyed by the first teacher she met,

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