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Last Chance


What is +Zero?

It is a word to describe what my teacher taught me about being zero. There is great power in bringing yourself to a zero state.

It is about emptying the container that holds your spirit so that the power and majesty of life can rush in and fill you up with infinite bliss.

Sometimes to begin you need to be able to ignore things that you don’t need. Things that are unnecessary. And set them aside. As you do this, you start to see the bad parts of your own self. And you have to be able to toss those things aside as well.

Because if you have one bad part of yourself still within you, everything will collapse later. So part of what the journey is, what life is… is discovering the bad parts of yourself and tossing them aside.

Let's start.

Why +Zero?

Is your life out of control? Do you have a decision to make by yesterday or it will be made for you? Are people starting to betray you or did you turn your back on them first? Has life kicked your ass again?

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