A Day of Thanksgiving

The McFarland family was on the way home from church. It was Sunday evening, four days before Thanksgiving. As they turned onto their street, they had to pull over to the side of the road, to let two fire engines go by, lights flashing and sirens blaring. As they continued driving towards home, they were shocked to discover that their house was ablaze.

Donald parked their van several houses down from their house, because the fire engines blocked the street. Donald, his wife Charlotte and their children Brad and Linda ran down the street towards their house. As they stood in front of their house, watching it burn, they were very upset. Suddenly, Brad tried to run towards the house, but his father grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Are you crazy Brad?” he asked his son. “There’s nothing in the house that’s worth risking your life for.”

“But Dad,” said Brad, “Buddy’s still in there. I have to get him.” Buddy was Brad’s Irish Setter, and his best friend. Brad had received Buddy as a puppy five years earlier when Brad was six. Brad heard a faint barking and when he looked up, he saw Buddy at his bedroom window. Brad’s bedroom was on the second floor, but Brad knew that if Buddy didn’t get out soon, he would die. Brad began calling out to his dog. “Jump Buddy,” he said. “Come here boy.”

Buddy disappeared from the window, but a moment later, he crashed through the window and jumped out of the house, landing on the front lawn. Except for a slight limp and some cuts on his face, Buddy was alright. Brad hugged his dog while Buddy licked Brad’s face.

From a distance, the McFarland family watched as the firefighters tried to contain the fire. By the time the fire was finally out, the house and its contents were nothing but ashes.

Several of the neighbors, offered to take them in for the night, but Donald and Charlotte decided that they would check into a hotel for the next few days, until could figure out what they would do. Two hours later, The McFarland family was settling into their hotel rooms, one room for Donald, Charlotte, and their eleven year old son Brad, and one room for their fourteen year old daughter Linda. A neighbor agreed to watch Buddy until they found a new home and told Brad that he could visit every day.

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