Subscription and digital VOD/iTunes offer additional digital business models

Other traditional distribution includes linear TV/cable syndication and foreign sales

If successful, long-term potential to leverage expertise and soaps cash flow into new digital content offerings with Prospect Park

Soaps can also be scaled (e.g., half-hour to full hour, more episodes), other soap franchises, spin-offs, new digital content, etc.

AMC & OLTL Digital Re-Boot Strategy

In 2011, Prospect Park acquired rights to produce new episodes of AMC & OLTL from ABC

15 year term (from launch date) with ROFR / matching rights for renewals

Plan to offer free, ad-supported 1st window (7-8 days), launching in early 2013

In discussions with major sponsors regarding lead sponsorship and product integration relationship (highly attractive given historical relationship between soaps and sponsors)

1/2-hour format with each show airing 4 days per week plus a re-cap show for 42 weeks

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