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you have all been well and are adjusting to the new ABC schedule. Personally, I am very

grateful that GH is still on the air, our lone remaining representative of what

was once a great ABC daytime line-up.

Erika Slezak in her must-read newsletter

Translation: Viki needs to slap Connie in the face!

I truly believe that ABC has realized what a terrible mistake they made in canceling both AMC, and ONE LIFE. But unfortunately, it's now too late to go back, although there are rumors that ABC wants the rights to both shows back; in which case they would be free to do whatever they want with the shows.”

Slezak continues

Translation: Viki Lord will continue to live despite those in the soap media who thought ONE LIFE was dead!

I thought that when I was no longer working, I would have so much time to be a ‘Lady of Leisure’ — turned out not to be so! I have never been busier with the day-to-day chores that I used to take care of when I wasn't at the studio, and so the time has really flown by. I have not been working this year, but I think I am ready now to tackle something new, so hopefully in 2013, there will be opportunities for me. Obviously, should something come along, I will let you all know.”


Translation: I had to learn how to brush my own teeth!

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