ONE LIFE’s Victoria Lord on what soaps mean during the show’s penultimate episode

There are many questions surrounding Prospect Park’s latest attempt to bring fallen soaps, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, to the Internet after ABC canceled the two venerable sudsers in 2011, as previously reported.

UNCENSORED investigated, and thanks to a combination of inside sources and leaked documents from moles inside Prospect Park, this is what I can tell you:

1. A source close Jeffrey Kwatinetz, CEO of Prospect Park, confirms the shady company has raised the money to re-launch AMC and ONE LIFE through private placement. In fact, Prospect Park has elicited “more interest than needed,” relays a mole. But what does that mean? Did they close on the transaction? Is the money in the bank free and clear? Are the funds in escrow waiting on closing conditions? Are there any closing conditions? If so what are the conditions? If they have not officially closed, when will they close? 

2. Reports delivered to UNCENSORED state that PP has hired or is close to hiring an Executive Producer for AMC, who has been with Pine Valley for 22 years. PP is also currently interviewing potential candidates for the role of EP at ONE LIFE. Writers? I’ll have more on that later… and you’ll laugh at a few of the candidates!

3. Location, location, location: PP is planning to produce the shows in Stamford, CT. Studio space and sets are currently being designed.

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