4. In a deal between PP and Disney, the licensing fee for AMC was valued at a half-million more than ONE LIFE! Here are the deets:

AMC licensing fees: $4.5M per year through 2014 / $5M 2015-17 / additional $0.5M per year 2018-21

OLTL licensing fees: $4M per year through 2014 / $4.5M 2015-17 / additional $0.5M per year 2018-21

Once again, Llanview gets the short end of the stick despite the fact that ONE LIFE was the highest-rated ABC soap opera before it was axed; various characters continue to live on in Port Charles (and some credit the migration to GH’s recent ratings surge); and that ONE LIFE aired much later than AMC, so it’s fresher in viewers’ minds. Then again, others argue, that ONE LIFE may have been lowballed because its franchise is currently on GH and AMC isn’t. Discuss.

5.  No word yet on writers, but deals have been struck with DGA and SAG/AFTRA. Though, word is, that PP intends to hire Fi-Core writers, though UNCENSORED can not confirm that intel.

6. Plans are for the shows to be 30 minutes each, four days a week with a recap-type show on Fridays.

7. UNCENSORED has confirmed that a few of the AMC cast has been contacted either directly or through their agent. A friend close to Susan Lucci confirmed this intel to SHOWBIZ 411’s Roger Freidman recently. Lindsay Hartley is another star rumoured to have been contacted, but I have still yet to confirm that.

8. PP has struck a deal with at least one major existing platform for streaming video, and their private placement offering contemplated having the shows air on a cable channel as well.

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