9. Hulu has done research into the feasibility of having serialized daily original content on their platform.

10. PP has retained someone with ties to both Disney and Hulu to help them transition the shows to digital media.

11. DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL is reporting that ABC has “in fact granted Prospect Park an extension on their license agreement. Whereas PP originally had to get production of AMC and ONE LIFE off the ground by the end of January 2013, they reportedly now have until the end of February.”

Jamey Giddens, who broke the story this weekend, asked: The question is, if PP is successful in relaunching specifically ONE LIFE, what would that mean for the characters of Todd and Starr Manning, and John McBain all currently part of the GH cast of characters?

"Prospect Park has the option to give GH notice to cease using those characters," explained a source to the popular soap opera website.

Worried GH sources tell UNCENSORED not to be too surprised if they don’t see any of their favourite ONE LIFE characters in Port Charles in the near future.

Will these characters be written out of GH’s scripts as late January? No comment.

12. UNCENSORED has been leaked major financial documents about PP’s planned reboot of AMC and ONE LIFE, which I will not release at this time.

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