Obama’s Greatest
First-Term Successes

Mark Allen

Copyright 2012
Smashwords Edition

Cover Photo by Pete Souza,
The Obama-Biden Transition Project
(Creative Commons License)



The first-term of the nation's first African-American President was one of the most ambitious and eventful seen in the modern era. In this book we highlight and discuss ten of Barack Obama's most significant achievements and decisions during his first-term. The period from 2009 through 2012 included the killing of Osama bin Laden, passage of historic healthcare legislation, rescue of the American automobile industry and many other important accomplishments. Historians will eventually weigh-in on President Obama's first-term, but even at this early date it is likely to be considered one of the most historically significant Presidencies of the last 70 years.

It is important to note that President Obama took office at a time when the United States faced the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. The country was losing 750,000 jobs a month, the financial and insurance industries were on their knees, capital markets were frozen, the housing market continued to suffer and the U.S. automobile industry was on the brink of collapse. The topics listed below are presented in no particular order and without regard to chronology or order of importance.

# 1 Lifting of the Ban on Federal Funding
for Stem Cell Research - Jun 2009

In a strong signal to the nation that his administration would be pro-science, President Obama overturned the ban on federal funding for stem cell research. With the stroke of a pen he sent the message that science would not be trumped by religion during his Presidency. It was a 180 degree turn from the Bush administration which was almost radically anti-science. Not only did the Bush administration institute a ban on federal funding for stem cell research, it also allowed a former lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute (Phil Cooney) to edit out portions of a report on climate change. The report was created by NASA's highly-regarded climate scientist James Hansen.

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