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The door opens and in runs her three children who enter, shabbily dressed with no shoes, covered in mud. “Well look at the three of you. Out you go and get yourselves cleaned up.” She says.

Marie-Louise places the pumpkin pieces in the pot as Squash comments, “Is that our pumpkin?”

Marie-Louise places the lid on the pot as the three near her with sadden faces. Marie-Louise responds the same way.

”But mom you promised we could make a Jack O'Lantern with it,” says Crookneck.

She wipes her hands on her apron and bends down to their level.

“I did promise and I’m really sorry, but the chicken didn’t lay any eggs this morning and there was nothing I could trade at the market”, replies mom.

“I wish daddy was still alive. We had plenty food then”, says Pattypan as she rushes out the door, watched sadly by Marie-Louise.

O’Lantern pumpkin field – sunset…

A massive three metre high pumpkin with small heart shaped windows carved into its walls, stands in the centre of a large field of pumpkins. Several large signs placed around the field read: “Of The Lantern Estate”. Keep out!

On the Northern outskirts, Squash, Crookneck and Pattypan are in a huddle as they point towards the field. Pattypan breaks the clan and broods crossing her arms. “But I want one too!”

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