By David Harmon

It all starts with the full moon. And a man who is let’s say 87 is now different and now he is growing hair! Big long brown hair all over his body! And big blue eyes! And now he is a WOLF! But not an ordinary wolf. A WEREWOLF! Eating meat and stuff a werewolf would do. People are screaming because they saw the werewolf! And next day the man came back to a human. And he found himself in a hospital. The doctors are trying to help him. A doctor said “what happened?” and the other doctors asked him. “What happened?” “I’m a wolf on the full moon please help me”, said the man. The doctors said “of course we will help you. It’s our job,” the man said “thank you,” now let’s skip to the part where the doctors are letting him out of the hospital. “Home sweet home,” said the man the man’s name is bank. Because he works in a bank. Pretty funny right? Anyway the next full moon. And he is a wolf again. And the doctors saw him “oh no I thought we helped him I thought he was okay,” the doctors said and the man who is a wolf is running and a doctor was not too far away from the wolf but he did not run! And the doctor held up meat A LOT OF MEAT! And the wolf ran for the meat. Than plop a cage fell down and now the wolf is traped and he can’t do any more harm. And the doctors cured him but the doctors gave him a test. The doctors put him behind glass and the full moon came and he is not a wolf any more if he was a wolf he could not get past the glass and the doctors had to try to cure him again. But he is not a wolf now and he lived happily ever after until someone killed him.

The end

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