Heart of Gold

Richard Charles McMillan

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Richard Charles McMillan


Say God is playing with you a game show and asks you a question.

What makes a man or a woman GREAT?

And He doesn’t want to be out of fashion so throws in two choices.

A) A Pot of Gold

B) A Heart of Gold

Pick one. Which one will you pick when God is in front of you?

This ebook is about making you, your friends, your relatives everyone around you celebrate life. It is about being good and spreading a feel of espirit de corps among every one.

How does one become lovable by people he/she cares?

Let us together get on this voyage of merriness.

Chapter 1

What is it that you require for having an Aura of goodness surround you?

Muscle power or Brain power?

The fact is none of these.

What you require is a Heart of Gold.

What I mean by this is one should have the respect and sentiment for others around us. Whether man or woman, whether older or younger, one should show love to receive it. Will anyone coming and telling that they love others-

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