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John Southcross

Copyright 2012 by John Southcross

ISBN: 9781301536047

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Visions of black cancerous blotches kept creeping through my mind as I stood behind my little, wooden lemonade stand, the hot sun blazing down on my skin. I could feel the heat rising from the sidewalk causing both my glass lemonade pitcher and me to sweat.

I set up my little lemonade stand outside the local mall that August day, hoping that people willing to buy expensive crap would care to throw a couple of bucks my way. Business location was everything. ‘Location-location-location’ was hammered into us in my business management class.

A silver Mercedes pulled up to a parking slot across from me. A tall man wearing a shirt and tie stepped out and approached. His gold necklace and watch sparkled in the sunlight. As he neared, I saw his name tag: Clive Monet – Manager. He said, “What the hell is this?”

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