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by John Southcross

Copyright 2012 by John Southcross

ISBN: 9781301781614

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Jared loved eating at Mikey O’s. He loved the quiet atmosphere, the ambient light from the candles on every table, the classical music playing lightly in the background. As soon as he and his girlfriend, Imelda, had stepped into the restaurant, the aroma of sizzling steaks and other succulent dishes made him forget about her, but only briefly.

The maître d', an older gentleman dressed in a sharp, black suit, seated the couple near a large, pane glass window. He left two menus for them and said someone would be with them shortly.

“Look at that,” Imelda said, eyeing another couple a few tables away.

Jared looked at her face and followed her gaze behind him, down the room to where a morbidly obese woman and a very thin man were dining. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes, their hands intertwined on the table. “What about them?”

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