• There must be at least 6 demon “Watchers” to enforce the laws in each city. (They are allowed to use force on demons at the slightest hint of conflict. Runic seals may be used to passively put down humans)

  • Demons “Watchers” must report to a superior government official every full moon with reports on the events between the full moons.

    There are more but these are the biggest 6 laws that they follow. What the hell is with them and the number 6? I heard that 666 is the devil’s number but come on… be original. Dammit…another tangent.

    Demons all have an easily identifiable trait and they are different for each type. Darkness demons are extremely pale and are weak in the sunlight. They also have these completely black eyes which are sensitive to light so they have to wear sunglasses all the time during the day and black wings which they can hide inside their bodies. They tend to stay in the shade but when the sun is down they are extremely active and strong. Succubi are they are extremely beautiful but they have small horns coming out of their heads, a tail, and blood red eyes. They have wings that sprout from their back which can allow them to fly at an average speed of 35 mph and they have razor sharp nails that they can extend from their fingers. Beastials are really big and beefy, kinda like your average jock. They also have little animal ears…that and fangs. They are stronger than humans but are kinda simple, also like jocks. Nightmares are just weird. They always have this mist or smoke stuff coming out of their bodies. They also have pure blue eyes…no pupils or anything. They like to fuck with people’s sleep…assholes. Sirens have these slits along the sides of their mouths. When they fully open their mouths the slits reveal the extra skin that helps make their screams so god-damn loud. They also tend to have some feathers on their bodies. Imps…they are stupid, small, and have a big ass unicorn horn coming out the middle of their foreheads. Their average height is about 5ft. They also tend to have light purple skin.

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