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Scandal in Willow Hollow

By Danielle Hughes


Copyright 2012 Danielle Hughes

Smashwords Edition

1 - The Disappearing Jade

Nancy Everlight, the art conservator, glanced around the museum's collection area and to her horror realized the prized Mayan miniature jade sculpture was missing. The tiny jade figure was an important object in the soon to open Treasures from Mexico exhibition. Detectives Tabatha Walker and Bill Hadley of the Willow Hollow Police Department discreetly arrived. Detective Hadley asked everyone who was there when the theft was discovered to come with him. Nancy, Robbie X. Davis, the museum guard and John Bostic, the Board of Directors member and avid Mayan art collector all went with him to the conference room.

Meanwhile Detective Walker thoughtfully examined the collections area where Nancy worked preparing and repairing the objects for the exhibit. They covered her worktable as well as all the countertops and shelves. Brightly painted pottery cups and vases, along with masks inlaid with turquoise, large rough stone sections of wall sculptures and murals filled the room. Walker discovered the jade’s file, which informed her that the two inch tall wind god figurine was one of the items collected by Willow Hollow resident Xavier Corbison. Inspired by discoveries of Mayan architecture in the mid-nineteenth century, he traveled to Mexico, where years of work as an archeologist in the jungle allowed him to create a large collection of Mayan items. Upon his death, the Corbison family donated them all to the Pennsylvanian town museum in his name.

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