I have been born more times than anybody except Krishna (Mark Twain).

Madonna actually was Eva Peron, the woman she portrayed in Evita (Scott Petullo).

Will the dead return to this earth? No, says Solomon: “Never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.”1

Reincarnation is “the process of coming into flesh again. Implied is the notion that is there is something to us that is separate from the flesh, or body, that returns after death.”2 The transmigration of a soul has a correlated connotation. It is defined as “the crossing of the soul from one body to another.”3 You could have been a cockroach or a sewer rat in a past life, or maybe you were one of the numerous Julius Caesars or Napoleons whom multitudes of reincarnationists, simultaneously, insist that they were in a past life. Hindu sage Paramahansa Yogananda revealed that Abraham Lincoln had once been a “yogi in the Himalayas.”

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