Love in death

Chapter one

A thin thirteen year old boy with short black hair and brown eyes was walking through the school of dezmond middle in Saint James, new York. He had black cargo shorts and a blue skater t shirt matching his blue and black skater shoes. An older guy pushed him into a locker. Bully “skater loser!” he tried to escaped but he was too strong for him. The bully laughed. bully “so weak!” voice “get off of him!” a thin fourteen year old girl with dark brown hair covering one of her dark brown eyes walked towards them. Bully laughed. Bully” I’d like to see you make me!” the girl jumped on him.

The bully started to tumble everywhere trying to get her off. The girl kept on pounding his head. The bullies’ friends stood there laughing. She jumped off and pushed him. girl” don’t you have any honor!?” good luck finding a girl that likes fools that take advantage of the weak!” bully” you will pay for this! He ran off. The girl helped the boy up. girl “are you okay?” boy” yea” thank you” girl” not a problem” I’ve whacked a few bullies before” the boy laughed.” so you are the bully whacker?” the girl giggled. Girl” I guess you could call me that” you could call me Samyra too. It’s up to you.

Boy” I have a choice?” samyra “maybe” Samyra sounds good. “I am Jaems” samyra “nice to meet you jaems” jaems “same here!” samyra “those people make me so mad” they are just jealous that you are different and have a cool style” jaems “yea, who’s want’s to be the same?” freaking zombies I tell you! Samyra giggled. Samyra “right?! We are all different anyway” the bell rang. Samyra “oh no” we have to get to fun class. Jaems laughed. Jaems “it’s time to be robots again” samyra “yep! I’ll see you later jaems!” she walked away.

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