Blues in the Shadows

Collected Stories

By Bruce Barber

Copyright Bruce Barber 2013

Published By Blue Shadow Press At Smashwords

This is a work of fiction. All situations and characters are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance between these characters and actual persons, living or dead is coincidental.

ISBN: 978-0-9917801-4-3

Cover design by Blue Shadow Press.

Blues in the Shadows,” “Jhorzia and the Dragon,” “The Marilyn Machine,” “Widow’s Walk and “The Crystaiad” all were published in On Spec. “Rita Hayworth Stalks the Night” appeared in The New Quarterly, “Pursued by a Bear” in Storyteller, “Collaboration” in Neo-Opsis; “Grinds Slowly, but Exceeding Fine” was included in the Belfire Press anthology, Courting Morpheus, and “The Last Last Call or Plan 8.5 from Outer Space” appeared in the anthology Through the Eyes of the Undead, from Library of the Living Dead Press. “F’liis” appears in print for the first time. “The Ugly Baby” was published in Descant.

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