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Steve M. Benner

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Steve M. Benner 2008

Physolan, the phonetically derived name by which he became known, arrived on Earth at 10:32 AM EDT in 2021 A.D. in New York, NY. He made himself known to the United Nations in a way that was meant to impress upon the delegates both his power and his knowledge. The General Assembly was meeting in the main hall to discuss sending peacekeeping troops to Bolivia to stop the war there between rebel and government troops. Physolan instantaneously materialized at the podium as one speaker left and the next was moving up to replace her. Physolan appeared to be a human, Caucasian male about 30 years old, six feet tall with brown hair and eyes. His features were very non-descript, very average, with a slight artificiality to them and wearing a large grin that was somewhat disturbing. He was dressed in a slightly out-of-date business suit. He immediately began addressing the assembled members in a powerful voice. He spoke in English, but everyone could tell what he was saying whether it was translated or not. It was as if the message was carried directly to the brain of the listener, and the spoken words were there purely as a formality.

Greetings people of Earth. I have chosen to make myself known to you through this assembly of world leaders. I know what affect the knowledge and presence of a being from another world would have on your religious and political institutions. I wanted to talk to you, the leaders of your various nations, in order to prevent the anarchy that could possibly occur as a result. My name is Physolan; I have traveled over 1000 light years to visit your planet.”

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