Swordmaster Dasan - Yunan Holiday

Written and published by S. Hart

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Copyright 2012 S. Hart

Warning -

This book contains graphic sexual scenes between two men. It is in no way intended or suitable for underage readers.

This e-book may not be copied, redistributed or altered in any way without the written permission of the author.

Introduction -

This short story is another of the many things that just happen when I'm bored. Happy New Year, and please feel free to check out the original Swordmaster Dasan story, there's a promo code on my blog to get a free copy until the end of January, link's in my profile. Anyone feeling generous could make an account at Goodreads.com and rate the original there, or let me know in some way if they enjoyed it. I would be extremely appreciative.

The third story is finally complete, which ends the series. I had another Christmas one with these two written, but it was shot down by a friend for being 'criminally ridiculous,' since it had Kaji getting mad with Loki and delivering him, drunk and asleep, to Kyo in nothing but some artistically placed bows. Personally I thought it was hilarious, but this one's not too bad either. I really suggest that people read the other two Swordmaster Dasan stories first, or this one's going to have a lot of references that you won't understand. This one takes place years afterwards.

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