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Well, I won't waste anymore time. Enjoy, and have a fantastic holiday season!

S. Hart


Swordmaster Dasan

Yunan Holiday


Kaiya laughed, clapping her hands as the two men struggled to best one another. Her husband had resorted to using his sword a few minutes beforehand, his teeth glaring out from a grimace every time he was forced to back away or dodge a hit. Loki, had opted to take a spear, and was smiling nearly as madly as Kaiya was by the time he landed a hit with the butt end on his friend's hip that sent him stumbling a step.

"Okay! I'm done!" Lotus held up a hand for an instant before he slapped it on his hip, pointing his weapon at Loki with an expression that spoke of frustration, "Not worth it."

Loki smiled as he caught his breath, leaning on his spear as he eyed the elf in front of him. "That's a fairly poor attempt to soothe a bruised ego, old friend."

Lotus sighed as he lowered the blade, glancing down at his hip as he mumbled, "Can't blame me for trying..." He paused for a moment as he realized there was a very easy way to win after all. He met Loki's eyes and gave him a playful grin, "I should probably go spend some time with my wife anyway."

Loki's smile fell immediately. He had confided in his friend that he was growing quite bored with the lifestyle he had been living since his arrival at the Sahrketh Palace. Namely the fact that he would fall asleep beside someone every evening, and wake alone every morning. At first it had been what he considered an ideal situation, but as his coworkers started to settle into their current relationships he had been forgotten entirely. A conversation about anything other than work or who wanted to be on top was incredibly rare. "I fucking hate you."

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