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Flames & Arrows

This story is dedicated to brave personnel of the Indian Armed Forces who risk their lives and undergo tremendous hardships everyday to keep this nation safe.

Many thanks to the esteemed members of Bharat Rakshak Forums for their help by means of comments, suggestions and corrections. Special thanks to Rajanb for his help with proof reading.

Disclaimer: It's a work of fiction and should be treated as such.

Copyright © 2012 by Jaidev Jamwal

Jaidev Jamwal

11:00 Hours

26 Oct 2012

National Stadium

Karachi, Pakistan

Mushtaq Naqvi, son of Pakistani President, Saqlain Naqvi was going to make his first public speech to mark his formal entry in to the troubled nation's political arena. His entry in to politics was supposed to revive the sagging fortunes of his father and party PPP before national elections in 2013. PPP was in trouble on many fronts; most serious of them being their ongoing spat with powerful factions in Pakistani Army. A popular saying among people interested in international affairs is, “Every Country has an Army, the Pakistani Army has a country”.

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