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Train Molester: Please BREAK Me

Sophie Sin

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Message From Original Author:

When I let Sophie have my characters and world with only the words "Do whatever you want", I didn't really think that she'd create a hit out of it. I guess when it comes to erotica I just can't keep up! Enjoy the show. This is Sophie's revision of my very old story!


Everyone has their secrets, I more than most. The steely back of the leather seat makes me sit upright, like a bad school girl about to be disciplined for that horrifying sin worse than death: Talking in class.

I can hear that erotic jiggling sound of the train hurtling madly along the tracks. The driver seems as eager as I am to get where he is going. I think we are perhaps two like minded individuals.

I turn my eyes, thoughts and concentration to my work. I must not disrespect this holier than holy time. Work is over, play has begun and I, Mandy Hapburg, later to be known only as The Train Molester, am here to play.

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