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Red Riding Hood Learns a Lesson: A XXX BDSM Story

Lane Master’s Spanking and BDSM Collection: Includes Anything, Punishing Jenny, and Spanking the Teacher, plus a bonus story by Lea Fox

Hot Sex Stories: Forbidden Fun: Includes Amy’s Surprise, Helping Herself, For My Husband’s Promotion, and a bonus story by Lea Fox

10 BDSM Sex Stories


Mandy sat in the driver seat of her car, her palms sweating as she gripped the steering wheel. She had sat there, car completely shut off, for the last five minutes, trying to work up the nerve to go inside. Austin was waiting for her with some unknown surprise. She shivered as her mind flickered across the possibilities. Would he use one of those flogger things—a small whip with feathering strands—to heat up the skin on her back? Would he use a flat backed hairbrush to spank her ass? Or maybe he would just use his bare hand.

Mandy closed her eyes, listening to the sound of her own heart thudding in her chest. She had the unnerving feeling that last night might have just changed her entire life. She had agreed that they needed to spice up their sex life a bit, and Austin’s birthday had seemed like the perfect time. Dinner and a nice bottle of wine had led to an incredible night in bed, but what on earth had possessed her to tell him she would do anything he wanted for his birthday? He had told her before that he wanted to spank her ass, to leave her skin bright, shiny and red--and then fuck her hard. In the light of day, that idea seemed terrifying and little bit sordid. But somehow, last night in the heat of the moment, she had given in, the forbidden fantasies actually turning her on.

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