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Amour, Amour, Amour, Amour

Copyright Brent Meske 2012

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At noon Seline was stretching and yawning and twirling herself within the bed sheets while Derek got himself into his clothes.

“Are you sure you have to go?” she asked him. Mischief ran all throughout her like blood. She secreted it through her pores. All that mischief leaking out, it always leant her eyes a sultry, hooded look. It made her gold spun hair glimmer in the shafts of sunlight beating through his skylight, and it seemed to make her skin pulse with vitality.

“Yeah I’m sure!” he said. “You know what’s going to happen if you make me late again?”

She coiled into herself and stretched again, which drew his eyes.

“Go on then,” she said.

“You can’t stay here while I’m gone,” he said.

She pouted.

“I can’t give you the key…no, I really can’t give you a key. No key. No key.” He seemed to be talking more to himself than her. She waited, naked, on the bed, watching him get into his things. Every once in a while he would glance back, grin at her and the spills of golden hair washing over his indigo pillow cases. This girl was way out of his league, she had to know it, and so he just needed to take a snapshot of this momentary lapse in judgment on her part.

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