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With Power Comes Responsibility

by Scott Roche

Copyright © 2012

Scott Roche

All rights reserved by the author.

The rhythmic bumping of Kayla’s gym bag against her back kept time with the beat of the music pumping through her ear buds. She needed to get home in time for dinner. That cemented her decision to take the shortcut. Father frowned on her being late for dinner. She did everything she could to make him smile. Pleasing him, not out of any fear of retribution or discipline, just the notion that he would be happy, drove her to excel in everything she did.

He liked music; she played two instruments. He wanted her to go to a good school; she studied hard and was a straight A student in addition to being her class president. Martial arts were her true passion, though. They were the only thing she did just for her.

She was already a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was considering studying Krav Maga. The latter art was more brutal. Used by Israeli Defense Forces, it was slowly gaining popularity in the States and was the basis for the moves in the latest Batman movies. Her Mother, a former Israeli Intelligence agent, knew it well enough to teach her. In spite of her interest in butt kicking though, at heart she was a gentle girl and had never raised a hand to anyone outside of the gym. Her mother often complained that Kayla and her Father were too soft and that one day the world would eat them alive.

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