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“In a conversational style, Heather Vargas has written a tender, honest, vulnerable account of how she found a way to live life with purpose after the devastating loss of her two-year-old daughter, Emma. Heather does not provide a magic fix, nor does she promise a quick solution. Instead, she walks you through her struggles to find peace after an unimaginable tragedy. Let your tears fall freely as you find healing and restoration through the words of a grieving mother who has written what many of us who have experienced enormous loss have felt deep inside, and may you know that there is life and hope after death and despair.”

Keith Hood, Senior Pastor

Harvest Community Church

“Heather Vargas takes us beyond the norm of a clinical review of the important and relevant topic of grief. She speaks directly from her own heart, to the heart of the person struggling from the loss of a loved one. Her words provide tremendous perspective to those of us who seek to have a healing influence on those struggling in this way.”

Paul Weissenborn, Lead Pastor

River Oak Grace Community Church

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