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Praise for


"Written with a wonderful voice that had me hooked from page one. This story has such a compelling setting provides a glimpse into a world that is underrepresented in today's YA literature." Pamela Roman, Hatchette Books

"Riveting and life affirming. It was hard for me to put down." Madeline Jacobs, author of BREAKING POINT

"Emotionally fascinating..." John Schuster, the Literary Group International
"Definitely a powerful, Destiny is a heroine that readers will relate to, and root for." Andrea Powell, author of CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF and PINK SKIES

"Manifest Destiny has a great voice and the writing is fluid. Compelling..." Stacey Barney, Penguin Books

"A triumph! A book like this is long overdue, for it proves to the Destiny's of the world that they are not alone." Ronald Jamison, author of ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL


A Novel by

Jewelle Francis

Published in the United States by Berhane Publications, Kansas City, Mo.

Copyright © 2012 Jewelle Francis

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