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Banking Principles &Practice - Nitya Prakash

Banking Principles and Practice

By Nitya Prakash

Published by Nitya Prakash at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Nitya Prakash


It’s been an incredible journey (and not always an easy one). When I was a small boy, I never had any interest in what other boys of my age were into. No cars and no action man figures. It was all about the books for me. At the age of eleven I wrote my first article for The Times of India. After completing my formal education I started my career with MicroSave (A Bill & Melinda Gates foundation company) and then I worked for a couple of years in ICICI Bank as an International Trade Finance Manager. But, I never found myself in the medium; it was too scattered for me. My professional writing journey started with writing research papers on microfinance and banking. Since, I gathered wisdom to think about the way my life was moving, I was always fascinated with the belief that I have something worth sharing with the wider world around me. This book is a reflection of my leanings and everyone who has helped me so far. What a glorious piece of synchronicity. I would like to thank my wife, Shraddha Nitya Prakash, who commanded, “Write it down!” And last but not the least my family and friends who have helped me make this text book happen.

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